High-Impact Matching Campaign

Charidy’s signature formula is an annual campaign that combines elements of matched giving, a limited timespan, and a choice of “all-or-nothing”— creating the perfect storm to…

...raise more money...from more people... in record time!

Our 'Perfect Storm' Formula

Matched Giving

Every flame starts with a match. Not sure whether to aim for 2X, 3X, or 4X? We'll work with you to decide how many matchers make the X.

Timed Campaigns

24, 36, or 48 hours? With a ticking clock building urgency, excitement, and momentum, we’ll help you decide what time-frame will best fit your needs.

Contingency Factor

Deciding between the intensity of all-or-nothing or the elegance of flexibility? Our expert strategists will help you make the best choice to hit all your goals.

Recognition Ignition - Giving Thanks

Technology enables you to honorably give your donors and doers their due in real time! We will work with you to make sure every donor is recognized.

Social Integration

Go viral with our grassroots focused social media strategies. We'll help you integrate your campaign across multiple social media platforms and deputize your supporters into an army of influencers.

Management and Marketing Roadmap

We know it takes a crowd to build an effective crowdfunding campaign. That’s why we help you lead yours with a well-seasoned, highly creative team of campaign managers and consultants, who will guide, strategize, and keep you on track until campaign day.


Our team will perform a vetting analysis to help determine an ambitious yet attainable goal.


Create a strict task calendar to keep you and your team on track.

Copy + Design

Design your emails, social media copy, press releases, and video and call scripts.


Design a unique communications plan, formulated to galvanize the momentum needed to reach your funding goal.

Matcher Training

Train your fundraisers on the matcher ask.

Volunteer Training

Teach your volunteers via live webinars.

Ops Room Training

Coach your Operations Room managers on call center best practices.

Finish Line!

Coach you and your team on campaign day all the way to the finish line!


Engage More People

Donors love that they can have a huge impact with a small investment. Friends, and friends of friends, rally to spread your mission and ensure your campaign’s success. Passive supporters come out of the woodwork to ensure your campaign’s success.

Raise More Money

A critical mass of support and a ticking clock give campaigns valuable momentum. Regular donors greatly increase their donations on Charidy over traditional giving to reach record heights in record time. The power of consolidating fundraising into one global day will help your organization reach new heights and save valuable resources.

Do More Good

With an inspired crowd of donors focused on your success through our innovative marketing plan, you can commit to your shared goals with fresh energy, increased awareness and lasting support.

Admin Dashboard

Create and edit your campaign

Follow real-time campaign data and traffic

Integrate with platforms: Salesforce and Mailchimp

Full access to Charidy Academy Training Videos and Workbooks

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Empower your community to invest and take ownership on campaign day. Charidy's unique Teams feature lets your people add their magic to the mission with their own campaign outreach and donation page.

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White Labeled Options

Create a customized donation page that reflects your branding with its own URL or as an extension to your website.

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